1808 Advanced recycling

HB 1808 called advanced recycling, but it’s just burning plastic

The name/language of the bill is confusing…it’s not making recycling more “advanced”…it’s negatively affecting our air quality.

Instead of encouraging the use of clean and renewable energy, House Bill 1808 would encourage turning plastics into products like jet fuel and crude oil, all under the guise of “recycling.” 

In addition, this bill is likely to result in the burning of plastic waste instead of recycling it, while it will also increase emissions and pollution that exacerbate the ongoing climate crisis.

Action items

Here you can read about this bill and sign an online petition to tell your senator to vote NO .

You can also call/write/email your senator and tell them to oppose this bill: 855-574-4072

Directions to make the call
When you make the call it will first give you important info about this bill. After the information message, it will connect you to your senator based on where you live. Note: There may be a long pause before you can leave a message.


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