Demand PA Representatives Vote No on HB 1107 & HB 1106

Demand PA Representatives Vote No on HB 1107 & HB 1106

HB 1106 and 1107 are two bills that look to change Pennsylvania’s environmental permitting process.

Under HB 1106, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) would be given 30 days to review a permit application regulating air quality, waste, erosion and sedimentation, and dam safety and encroachments. With such a short window of time to review a permit, the public would lose their opportunity to share comments or concerns about the proposed project. It also creates a “referee” to decide disputes that arise between the DEP and applicants over the application completeness. After 30 days all oil and gas drilling applications default to approved.

HB 1107 terminates all employees with the DEP who are involved with the permitting process, regardless of experience and education and replaces them with a politically appointed five-member Commission. The bill would require the transfer of all equipment, files, and funds used by the DEP to review permit applications to the new Commission. The bill does not require Commission to hold any qualifications including civil service requirements. Here’s a good break down of harm these bills could cause.

Action to take

Here’s the link to send a letter to REP. DAN FRANKEL
Right now we can contact Governor Wolf’s office asking him to appose any of the (Energize PA Legislation).
Phone contact:
Gov. Wolf’s mailing address

We could also contact the PA House minority member Ed Gainly

Additional info on the bills

1. The Threat to Pennsylvania’s Environment Posed by “Energize PA” Bills
2. A Closer Look at Representative Tim O’Neal’s Response Letter on HB 1106 and HB 1107