who we are

We are pittsburgh neighbors that want clean air. Our group is Greenfield for Clean Air. However, you don’t have to live in Greenfield to take part in our group. Our goal is to keep you updated, make it easy to understand the issues and take action to protect our environment.

Urgent Issues

House Bill 1100 = More polluting industries in PA – (revived)

What’s new: This bill has been revived and is currently in the state House. Please contact State Senator Jay Costa to oppose this bill.
What it does: It provides $1 Billion in tax breaks over 10 years for plastics and fertilizer manufacturers.
The issue: This tax break will incentivize polluting industries to come to PA to take advantage of natural gas from fracking.
Here’s a link that provides details on the bill and action you can take

HB 1107 & HB 1106 a bill to eliminate DEP employees

This is a proposed bill will eliminate DEP (Department of Environmental Protections) employees involved in permitting for oil and gas drilling, and replaces them with a politically appointed five-member Commission. After 30 days all permits default to approved. Click here to read more and take action.

Upcoming Events

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Ongoing Issues

Oil-and-gas wells produce nearly a trillion gallons of radioactive toxic waste a year.

Shocking new investigative study shows how it could be making workers sick and contaminating communities across America. The radioactive waste being spread over Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The radiation is making truckers that haul brine sick, the brine is being used as ice melt on roads and becoming airborne, it’s being sprayed adjacent to corn fields, dumped in rivers, the list goes on.

This article is also in audio form. Here is the article

PBS NewsHour presents a special series on The Plastic Problem

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. PBS NewsHour takes a closer look at how it’s impacting the world and ways we can break our plastic addiction.

Here’s the online video

Sulfur / rotten egg smell in the air

You may have noticed a sulfur or rotten egg odor in the air. US Steel Clairton is the largest coke plant in the United States, and it’s right up the river. The air monitor nearest to U.S. Steel’s Clairton Coke Works has detected levels of hydrogen sulfide above the state’s daily average standard an average of 52 times per year for the past seven years. Here’s info on the plant and what you can do.

New Report Finds Chemicals of Concern in Local Drinking Water

There was a list of nine cancer-causing chemicals that were found in at least one of the 10 largest municipal drinking water systems in Allegheny County. One of the more prominent ones was bromodichloromethane. Here’s the article

From the article, “One of the most notable sources is oil and gas wastewater”